Sports Coaching In Primary Schools

Providing the highest standard of education and sports coaching in primary schools is something we pride ourselves on. We work in partnership with Schools to deliver tailormade schools education programmes that educate minds, encourages healthy lifestyles and enriches lives through sport.

Expert sports education programmes for schools

We work in partnership with Schools to deliver tailormade schools education programmes that educate minds, encourages healthy lifestyles and enriches lives through sport.

It is our mission to create opportunities for young people from all walks of life to experience the highest quality sports coaching in primary schools, igniting a passion for sport and physical activity in a positive setting in which all children can participate and thrive.

In line with the Department for Education (DfE) guidelines for the use of Primary PE and Sport Premium Funding 2018/19 we support schools in making additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer their pupils.

Our Mission

Schools Programme Quality Principles:

• We strive for excellence in delivery, creating regular opportunities to support and develop all young people through expertly delivered coaching that encourages participation and enjoyment for PE and extracurricular sports activities, regardless of individual circumstances.

• Our child-centred approach allows individuals to improve, develop and achieve their full potential.

• By actively encouraging healthy lifestyles through sport we can help to shape confident and well-balanced young people, who are aware of the benefits sport can bring to their lives, creating healthy minds and bodies.

Tried and Tested

School Education Programmes successfully:

• Support schools in raising the profile of PE and sport amongst students and their families, placing sport at the heart of a school community.

• Increase the confidence, knowledge and skill of staff delivering PE and sport through observation, teacher resource packs and CPD sessions.

• Allows schools to support all young people in participating in a minimum of 60 minutes exercise per day.

• Ensures young people have access to a broader spectrum of sports activities.

• Increases the number of opportunities for young people to participate in competitive sport as in their school setting.

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Regular sport and physical activity has been proven to increase happiness among school children and further support their education by relieving stress. Sports activity also helps the development of concentration and problem solving skills which are vitally important for young people in education. The excitement sport provides for pupils also helps to build better relationships amongst classmates and improve their experience in school as a whole.

On top of all the immediate benefits that sports coaching and education programmes provide, the general advocacy of a fit and healthy lifestyle encourages positive life choices in all pupils. As well as providing a platform to develop optimal communication and organisational skills. Most notably, teamwork abilities are at the forefront of group activities.

With such an array of positive benefits, we are passionate about providing primary schools with our education programmes. If you’d like to discuss the services we have available please get in touch today for more information.

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See what our schools say about the education programmes we provide

At PSC we take pride in the classes we provide, Both children and parents are at the heart of everything we do.

"We have been working with PSC since September 2018. It is our objective this year to improve our health and fitness and PSC have become an integral part of that process. Following a fitness audit of all children PSC have supported school in developing the fitness of the whole school community through targeted interventions, after school clubs and PE coaching for staff. We will continue to develop this relationship throughout the year and beyond as we are seeing great benefits in terms of physical health and well being and behavior and attitude. Thank you Professional Sports Coaching!"

HeadteacherMill Lane Primary School

PSC are enjoyed by all. A solid hour of learning. My class made an exceptional amount of progress in tennis over the 6 week block. They really enjoyed the sessions and it has been lovely to see their confidence grow...

The lessons have been delivered in a patient manner and there is appropriate challenge for all. Skills are modelled clearly and children are encouraged to demonstrate to the rest of the class, allowing them to learn from one another. In the lessons there is lots of opportunity for children to evaluate their sporting techniques and chance for them to work individually, as a pair and in a group.

In terms of CPD, the lessons have been very valuable for myself. They have given me some excellent ideas for how to teach tennis (as well as other sports). Ryan has demonstrated how you can maximise learning opportunities in an hour and I have been given supportive feedback from Ryan to improve my PE teaching further.

Year 4 TeacherBradshaw Primary School, Halifax
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