Physical Education For Schools

We provide expert physical education for schools to help create a healthy balance to the lives of children. Our partnerships with schools has helped improve the physical and mental wellbeing of young pupils around the country with expert guidance. PSC Academy is passionate about encouraging an active lifestyle in school children and the benefits it provides.

Highest standard of physical education

Working in accordance to the Department for Education (DfE) guidelines for the use of Primary PE and Sport Premium Funding 2018/19, we support education providers with well delivered and educational PE and sport classes. Our team has varied backgrounds in sports education and we’re fully qualified to nurture the development of young school children and inspire a healthy attitude and interest towards exercise.

We understand the various difficulties some children face when learning physical education at school. This is why we pay the utmost attention to all pupils involved to help them learn and develop at an easy pace and provide group activities that bring the class together as a whole.

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School children teaching requirements

There are various elements to teaching physical education which we always focus on. Assuring the delivery of quality sessions and maximising the interaction and enjoyment of all children involved. Some of these involve:

Fun group activities

This assures maximum attention and engagement throughout the group while building more harmony among classmates and a willingness to participate and enjoy the session.


Keeping things new and interesting every time so each session is different. Ensuring every session feels unique and exciting for those involved.


Ensuring every child is enjoying his or her time is very important to us. We give each and every child special attention. Encourage a great experience while learning new things in an enjoyable environment among peers.

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